Fundamental Physics

"On the Foundation of Physics and the Evolution of Consciousness"

Ever since his college days, Craig has stayed abreast and maintained an interest in the foundations and frontiers of theoretical physics and how these are associated with the evolution of human consciousness. An essay summarizing his unique views as to how the human mind might approach some of the unresolved problems in fundamental physics and the philosophical issues surrounding them is being prepared and will be posted on the internet in due course.

“The approach I’ve taken stands in contrast to most discussions in the philosophy of physics which, for the most part, do not seek to break new ground, but rather consist largely of interpretation of already established theory or ongoing research programs which have been accorded some measure of viability by scientific professionals. The line of thinking I follow is rooted in certain ancient philosophical ideas and directed toward a fundamental reappraisal of our concepts of space, time, matter and energy, and the development of a new ontological view of the physical universe.”

“I will postulate a new set of central organizing concepts which may prove useful in our search for a comprehensive understanding of those aspects of physical reality which we are able to observe and measure in our current stage of evolutionary development. Additionally, I will put forward a geometric framework which embodies and expresses some of these cognitive parameters. This framework and the central organizing concepts associated with it do not, as yet, define a set of algorithms capable of making specific quantitative predictions about measurable physical reality. As such, it is not a theory. The geometry is itself a crude model – very preliminary and provisional but which, nevertheless, does constitute a simple pictorial representation of some of the main ideas I will be developing, and may be suggestive of the shape a more formally codified system might take. Altogether it is a very speculative endeavor, but it is my hope that at least some of what will be proposed has merit, the prospect of further development, and can be utilized by others in their own work.”


Stay tuned.