Residential Design by Craig Faulkner

“I spent many years learning the craft of designing and building houses. Although I no longer do any building I very much enjoy conceiving and planning a beautiful home and will sometimes accept a design client. I’m particularly motivated to do so if there is a good measure of personal rapport between us, the site is attractive, and the client’s vision is commensurate with my own taste and style."

Over the course of his adult life Craig’s principal vocation was designing and building houses. He is less active in this field today than was the case up until just a few years ago, but he retains an interest and affection for the craft.

Craig welcomes comments and questions about his interests and creative activities, although he does not promise to respond. If you wish to communicate with him you may do so at

See photographs of one recent project below.

Notes on this project: The first time I met Dr. Brown to discuss the possibility of me designing his new home we initially spent some time chatting and getting acquainted before he drove me up to the property to have a look at the proposed building site. I was wonderstruck. It was at the top of a hill affording a panoramic three-hundred-sixty degree view of the southern end of the Rogue Valley. Looking east, the vista is particularly striking, with the Cascades and Mount McLoughlin off in the distance. The central design theme became immediately obvious – glass...and lots of it.

After listening while Dr. Brown described in some detail the composition, look and feel of what he wanted, I commented, “Well, it sounds like you want a miniature variation of the lodge at the north rim of the Grand Canyon.”

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